The following recent article by Alex Spencer, Mobile Marketing Magazine, will tell you it`s Monday!!

Here`s the article...
" has taken a look at its mobile browsing figures - and discovered that Monday morning is the busiest period for mCommerce, with mobile browsing surging at 7–8am.

Shopping on a mobile device from bed or on the morning commute is a consistent behaviour throughout the week, with the highest levels of mobile browser activity occurring between 6–8am. It`s during this timeframe that mobile users are most likely to click through on deals.

“Whilst mobile shopping is gaining significant momentum, our findings show that it’s still a tech-savvy audience that’s making that leap to mobile commerce,” says MD Adam Stewart. “Consumers through the mobile channels are more likely than their desktop counterparts to purchase new technology, and invest in blu-rays.”

Thursday morning is the second most popular period for Play`s online sales in general – whether accessed via mobile, Tablet, or desktop. The average user dwells just over 40 seconds on clothes before purchase and under a minute on books – while more considered purchases, such as TVs, have an average dwell time of around two minutes." Alex Spencer,