All organisations have important documents and information requiring easy access, simplicity in sharing, communal printing functionality, data security and resilient backup.

It is no small task to keep track of and a web-based DMS moves way beyond the traditional “file and save” methodology.

File management systems have progressed from traditional desktop to web-based programs and, because they are online, there are no individual installations or upgrade rollouts. Multiple users can access their documents from anywhere there is internet access and use of a web browser. This, of course, applies to all web-based applications. The many benefits of a web-based document management system will assist your business in running smarter.

The struggle of tracking important documents and information is removed. Tagging utilities and categorisation all provide increased efficiency; Search functionality is fast and effective.

Change management is automated; RSS tools will deliver notification of document changes instantaneously to the relevant parties. Backup and security issues are massively reduced when all user documents are housed in the same online container and not stored on local machines or servers.

If your organization runs many projects then migration to a DMS must be considered if not already done. It must allow you to sort and track by topics and projects using a variety of criteria.

Following the move to web-based solutions, the popularity of tagging and RSS tools will be highly desired features. SEO friendly web publishing and integration capability with existing social media sites are must haves. A future proofed, web-based DMS will facilitate all of the above with due consideration to the social media sites and trends that will undoubtedly arise in 2013, without the requirement for additional development work.

You may wish your web-based DMS to be integrated as part of your intranet or extranet. Here at Vidappt, our enterprise level web-based document management solution is a robust, scalable and sophisticated system which includes all advanced features such as:

> Web Publishing
> Document Recovery
> Workflow Automation
> Document Check-in and Check-out
> Email integration

It can easily be introduced into your own intranet or extranet, used standalone or be part of a unified suite of programs easily generated with our in-house RAGE platform independent technology.