Mobile business is not just about clicks and page views. It is to focus on your audience and their requirements.

Nielsen, the global leader in measurement and information, announced this month that 2012 was the first holiday (Thanksgiving) where the majority of mobile subscribers own smartphones. They emphasise, from pre-purchase research, that shoppers are maximising their shopping experience by utilising their mobile devices to get the best deals. On a slight aside, it is interesting to note that store locator app usage is also increasing.

This emphasises that mobile business is about the audience and their requirements.

To measure how your business is communicating online is more than numbers of clicks, likes and page views.

M-Business offers mobile services at anytime and anyplace. Transactions must not be the only consideration. Value added services via communications; whether it is how to find your store or details of latest special offers, engaging customer feedback through competitions, surveys, personalised content and social media discussions. Every opportunity for engagement must be embraced effectively. This connectivity with your audience will improve customer loyalty.

A solid mobile business strategy is a must. The benefits of m-Business include:

> Widened streams of revenue
> Productivity gains
> Enhanced customer relationships

Many organisations are struggling to get to grips with their online presence and largely it is due to insufficient or non existent m-business strategy.

An effective mobile strategy will maximise its own value to your business. It will reduce the time to do complex tasks such as new product launches and increases the ability to meet customer requirements both now and in the future.

Vidappt have a dedicated team focusing on implementing effective m-Business strategy for our Customers.  We would not entertain anything less for our prestigious clientele. If you have doubts about your current mobile strategy then please give us a call now – delays give your competitors the advantage.