Many organisations find themselves encumbered with business data that is not regularly used in day-to-day processing. This business data is stored in what is known as a ‘data silo’ – indicative of its ‘isolation’. This happens, quite often, as a result of a legacy system which is unlikely to be further developed for a number of reasons; ranging from cost to lack of skills and support.

The business intelligence (BI) of the legacy system cannot be lost and so modernization should be considered. In essence, the process is to create an easily accessible storage area which can be utilized by a new processing system – one capable of going forward with technology; platform independent and model generated.

 Having BI storage gives the advantage of cutting edge database development techniques and associated features. It is far more than a simple case of data stored in a dedicated database.

To build a trustworthy analytical data source Vidappts team delivers a set of specialized solutions:

- Data quality management solutions including ones for master data management
- Data model and definitions system for easier data mapping
- Database optimization for analytical querying and data manipulation
- Secure BI system access and user roles management

By using extract, transform and load (ETL) solutions Vidappt rapidly convert isolated data silos and diverse sources of information into valuable, highly integrated business intelligence which is readily available via the following:

This tailored BI (components and comprehensive BI solutions) include enterprise BI portals, OLAP (online analytical processing) and data quality management solutions.
- Use available data sources like corporate ERP, CRM and DMS effectively
- Extend - BI data availability by connecting to third-party data providers
- Retrieve data from text files and spreadsheets
- Transform unstructured data and map it to business objects
- Automate routine data retrieval and transmission operations

Vidappt works with all the major blocks required for smooth data processing and functioning of business intelligence systems, from data gathering through to interactive user interfaces focused on convenient data visualization and analytical work.

If you need to unlock the potential within your legacy system or data silo, call Vidappt and have a free consultation with one of our experts in this area. 

By Christine Kinch.