The omnipresent facts and figures predicting mobile usage in the coming years show no sign of abating and the latest news is no real surprise.  Recent research from Danske bank, formerly National Irish Bank, estimate 71% of adults will be using online or mobile banking by the end of 2013.

This research, alongside the highly positive customer feedback received since the launch of their smartphone app last year, has encouraged them to launch a new banking app for the iPad.

Their latest offering allows their customers to do basic checks; account balance, search recent transactions (up to 13months), transfer funds, pay bills and facilitates a comparison of income vs. expenditure.

Stephen Foley, head of personal banking at Danske Bank, informed the Sunday Business Post, “Customer Feedback has been incredibly positive since we launched our smartphone app last year, with usage of that service surpassing the use of all our other channels.”

On 15th November 2012 they launched the redesign of their website which incorporates the links to tablet bank (IOS) and mobile bank (smartphone app.).

“The new design is optimised for a 1024x768 screen resolution (recommended) but can also be viewed on smaller screens, such as your smartphone and tablet.”, declares the new website.

My assumption, in their offering users a mobile optimised site and downloadable apps,  is to provide the individual user not only choice, but also the fastest access to the underlying data via the most suited platform e.g. an IOS app will give the fastest response and data access for an iPad device.

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