Recently the links between email marketing and mobile revenue. Turns out that a good email strategy quickly contributes to mobile purchases. Here are some of the early findings:

1) Email is often checked first thing in the morning – from a mobile device. Are you guilty of typing up an urgent reply while still in bed? As smartphone adoption grows, email is increasingly accessed on the go. When receiving digest emails from their favourite fashion brands, many mobile users will click the product links, heading directly to the e-commerce site.

2) Email often brings exclusive and time-sensitive promotions, creating a sense of urgency. Mobile shoppers are a lot more focused on purchasing a particular item. If something is on sale and limited in quantity, mobile devices will often be preferred.

3) Mobile e-commerce greatly benefits from email awareness campaigns. Many online shoppers still have poor expectations for the mobile web. Letting the audience know about a fully transactional mobile store is key for driving traffic and repeat customers. Newsletters are a great channel for this type of promotion.

Email is crucial for driving growth in mobile e-commerce and should be included in every retailer’s mobile marketing plan.