Sir Richard Branson is currently requesting answers from the general public on ‘Our digital future’. He explains that the more he understands about how we use it and what we want from it – better and more fulfilling services can be created.

For me, the best thing about the web is the almost instantaneous access to knowledge, facts and information. Anyone who has experienced the internet will have entered a query into a browser to gain information and will at least acknowledge this.

To take this out for a walk a little, mobility is a massive plus.  Now, you are not confined to a wired connection; hotspots and national connectivity are prevalent. Only out in the remote countryside is web connectivity still an issue in the modern, western world.

The downside of our digital future is only in its use for nefarious purposes and crime, which our innocents may inadvertently become exposed to. This massive headache worries any parent and whilst we can impose restrictions both in access to the internet and the sites or forums they interact with – sooner or later they will, at least, discover something ‘distasteful’ in their search results.

The biggest shame would be for censorship or regulation to enforce restrictions that could only be passed on a pay for access basis. This has been suggested and researched by organisations who feel they lose out on revenue from free downloads and file sharing sites.

For most, there is no doubt that mobile is the future and I’m sure Sir Richard would agree - it affects us all in our private and professional lives.

In the same manner that you ensure you personally are mobilised enough to conduct your business affairs, do not overlook the requirement for your business sites to be fully mobile optimised.

What are your expectations for our digital future?

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